The Legend imparts the history of the site of the Roman city wall and is part of the Via Culturalis, the hub of life in the Old Town today, situated among the many famous museums and other attractions.

The historical figures represented by the statues displayed on the neighboring City Hall tower, along with other treasures from around the area – some visible, some hidden – are represented in the rooms of the hotel, where the theme of the room centers on a particular historical figure or object.

The Legend – History Made Visible


For many years, the site stood like a gaping wound as one of Cologne’s most unsightly vacant lots – until the investors and architect Ines Kapplinghaus applied their healing powers.

Years of thoughtful planning and effective collaboration on the part of all involved – first and foremost, the city of Cologne – in the areas of barrier-free access and design of the building ensemble all successfully contributed to the Legend now standing confidently and harmoniously alongside the historic City Hall.

Above the Roman city wall and the Roman harbor, directly adjacent to the historic City Hall and the Archaeological Zone, a building was erected which, with its representative corner location, conforms to monument preservation regulations while at the same time connecting the Alter Markt to the Rathausplatz in a futuristic design – the Legend.

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Legend Hotel at Old Market
Legend Hotel Architecture
Legend Hotel Architecture
Legend Hotel View City Hall
Building the Legend Hotel
Building the Legend Hotel
Legend Hotel Stairs
Legend Hotel Bürgerstraße

A project like this, with so many challenges and participants, requires resilience and stamina. For us, from the very beginning, the Legend and, with it, the opportunity to shape a piece of our beloved city, has been a labor of love.

Patrick Huber-Flotho, Investor


The architect’s aim was to create rooms in which our guests would feel comfortable and at home – but do so with a subtle touch. The materials and colors were specially selected to reflect those of the City Hall tower across the square and to transport their effect into the room.

Warm colors and natural materials, smooth surfaces and clear shapes, subtle accents, and perfect lighting were key to designing rooms that would be elegant and harmonious, where our guests would feel relaxed and at home. 

At the Legend, our top priority is making our guests feel at home.

Legend Hotel Bed
Tower Figures Augustus Agrippa
Legend Hotel Pattern
Legend Hotel Design Pattern
Legend Hotel Architecture and Design
Legend Hotel Tower Figures Lochner
Legend Hotel Architecture Design
Legend Hotel Lobby
Legend Hotel Bed

This place is so unique that there was never a question of simply creating something new – it was about sensing the actual soul of the site and then giving it a space.

Ines Kapplinghaus, Architect

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