Architecture and Design

A site rich with thousands of years of history

The Legend tells the story of the place on Roman walls, as part of the Via Culturalis and in the midst of today's life of Cologne's old town between museum landscape and tourist attraction.

The characters of the figures of the neighboring Council Tower, as well as the surrounding visible as well as hidden treasures are assigned as a story to the room, which stands in the respective visual reference in terms of content.

The Legend - is the history made visible at the place.


After a long time of an open wound at the Alter Markt, the investors, together with architect Ines Kapplinghaus, have succeeded in healing one of the most present construction gaps in the city of Cologne.

Years of sensitive planning and cooperative collaboration between all parties involved - first and foremost the City of Cologne - in terms of barrier-free use and the design ensemble have contributed to the fact that the Legend now stands confidently in its place next to the City Hall without competing with it.

Above the Roman city wall and the Roman harbor, in the direct vicinity of the historic city hall and the archaeological zone, a building was created that, with its representative corner location, connects the Alter Markt with the city hall square in a forward-looking design.
– the Legend.

Photo Documentation
Legend Hotel at Old Market
Legend Hotel Architecture
Legend Hotel Architecture
Legend Hotel View City Hall
Building the Legend Hotel
Building the Legend Hotel
Legend Hotel Stairs
Legend Hotel Bürgerstraße

A project with so many challenges and participants requires resilience and stamina. For us, Legend has been a project of the heart right from the start, which was also about helping to shape a piece of beloved city.

Patrick Huber-Flotho, Investor

Interior architecture

The architect's goal was to create spaces in which one feels comfortable and secure without immediately understanding why. Materials and colors are chosen to reflect the counterpart of the town hall tower and convey its effect to the inside.

Warm colors and natural materials, matt surfaces and clear shapes, discreetly used accents and the right light are the interior design keys for rooms in which peace and security, elegance and harmony are created.

In the Legend, the guest should above all do one thing: Arrive.

Legend Hotel Bed
Tower Figures Augustus Agrippa
Legend Hotel Pattern
Legend Hotel Design Pattern
Legend Hotel Architecture and Design
Legend Hotel Tower Figures Lochner
Legend Hotel Architecture Design
Legend Hotel Lobby
Legend Hotel Bed

This place is so unique that it was not a question of creating something new, but of tracking down the soul of the place and giving it space.

Ines Kapplinghaus, architect

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