General Terms and Conditions of the Puls Restaurant & Bar

Our entire team strives with great personal commitment to ensure that each and every guest has a great time with us. In order for this to succeed, we ask for your understanding that we only make reservations and provide hospitality in our restaurant on the basis of the following general terms and conditions:

1. Area of application
The following regulations apply to all reservations and catering in our restaurant Puls.

2. Reservations and Cancellations
Due to the limited number of seats in our restaurant and the fact that the food we offer is always freshly and elaborately prepared, we are not able to offer much flexibility in the allocation and reservation of the available seats. In particular, in the case of larger reservations, we are regularly forced to turn away other guests. Against this background, the damage that we incur through non-compliance or unreasonably short notice cancellation of reservations is considerable.

Reservations are binding with regard to the reserved time and the number of reserved seats (i.e. announced guests). However, we normally ask you to cancel your reservation in whole or in part (i.e. with regard to individual seats/guests) no later than 30 before the reserved time. In the case of larger groups (6 or more people), cancellation should be made no later than 12 hours before the reserved time. For special occasions (Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, etc) - regardless of the number of people - a cancellation period of at least 48 hours applies.

If the reserved seats are not taken at the latest 30 minutes after the reserved time (i.e. the guests announced in this respect do not appear), we are entitled to allocate the seats elsewhere.

The regulations in section 2.2 shall also apply if the guests appear but nevertheless do not take up the reserved seats but leave our restaurant again. This applies in particular in the event that more persons appear than announced in the reservation and it is not possible for us to provide additional seats. We ask for your understanding, as we are bound to a certain room layout and a maximum number of guests due to our room concept and existing obligations under public law.

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